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Homeopathic Treatment of Breast Cancer Therapy Side Effects

Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in Western countries. A woman’s odds of getting breast cancer are 1 in 8.

Homeopathic Treatment of Breast Cancer Therapy Side Effects

Thankfully, due to early diagnosis the survival rate is much better today. Many women after having endured surgery, radiation and chemo therapy still need to take certain medications, such as Tamoxifen or another estrogen receptor blocker, for about five years to prevent recurrence. Some get significant side effects that frequently affect their quality of life with symptoms such as hot flashes, muscular pain, stiffness and anxiety. In some cases, the symptoms are so bad that the patient refuses to take the medication and is willing to risk the recurrence of the disease.

It is really unfortunate that after going through surgical procedures, and sometimes radiation or chemo therapy or both, and thinking “Thank God it’s over”, the person realizes that side effects from taking the medicine are making her so miserable that she is not sure if she wants to continue with the treatment.

But here is some good news: studies show that there are homeopathic remedies that can alleviate many of the symptoms caused by taking an estrogen receptor blocker and help the person get back to important things, such as enjoying life again, while continuing to take the medicines.

Studies also show that homeopathic remedies can be effective in prevention and treatment of side effects from chemo therapy and radiation. For example, symptoms of radiodermatitis (a skin reaction caused by radiation) were relieved by homeopathic Belladonna, Apis mellifica and Calendula officinalis ointment and found to be more effective than placebo and the recommended conventional medicine.

Acupuncture is also shown to be helpful in dealing with various symptoms such as anxiety, hot flashes and insomnia. It can also increase energy, stamina, and overall sense of well-being.

In short, integrating holistic medicine with conventional treatments can help patients go through a difficult time of dealing with the reality of cancer diagnosis and treatment with as little discomfort as possible.

For additional information, please reserve a personal and free 15-minute information session.

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