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Polina Karmazin, MD

Polina Karmazin, MD, is board certified in integrative medicine and acupuncture. She has more than 25 years of clinical experience in family medicine as a Board Certified family doctor where she combined conventional treatments with traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, biopuncture and homotoxicology to care for her patients. 


For the past three years, Dr Karmazin has dedicated herself to the practice of Integrative Medicine as Medical Director at Virtua Center for Integrative Medicine, before moving on to private practice. Her passion and experience in complementary medicine make her uniquely qualified to offer a personalized holistic approach to healthcare.


Dr. Karmazin treats a wide range of conditions including, but not limited to, common cold, asthma, IBS, urological problems and women’s health issues – without the side effects of conventional medications. She specializes in the management of acute and chronic pain using biopuncture.


Dr. Karmazin is happy to work in collaboration with patients’ primary care physicians.

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Dr. Karmazin is an Provider of complimentary therapies for Unite for Her, an organization supporting women with breast cancer by providing them with ongoing therapies for their physical and emotional wellness.


  • Board Certified in Integrative Medicine 

  • Board Certified in Acupuncture 

  • Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice, certified 1981, 1989, 1996 and 2003 

  • Member, American Academy of Family Physicians and American Medical Association 

  • Member, American Institute of Homeopathy 

  • Member, ISOHH, ASBRM     

  • Diplomate, Clinical Homeopathy from CEDH, certified 2010 

  • Advanced Biopuncture Techniques (Instructed by Jan Kersschot, MD), certified 2010 

  • Member, Camden County (NJ) Medical Society 

  • Member, Virtua Health System 

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