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Biopuncture Therapy Offered in New Jersey

Biopuncture Therapy Offered in New Jersey

South Jersey Holistic provides new, natural treatment for pain, colds and flu

Cold and Flu relief with Biopuncture

Considered a safe, healthy alternative to steroids, biopuncture is used as a treatment for pain, arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, various sports injuries, as well as bronchitis, colds, flu and other medical conditions.

Biopuncture has been used to successfully treat pain in Europe for several years, and has recently become available in the US. At the forefront of this therapy is Dr. Polina Karmazin who has received extensive training and has become an expert in biopuncture.

Dr. Karmazin explains, “We offer biopuncture to our patients because it stimulates and supports the body’s natural healing process. With biopuncture, the healing effect comes from 'within' your body, as opposed to some conventional drugs that tend to simply suppress the symptoms or cause significant side effects.”

Biopuncture is also a wonderful, natural way to prevent and treat colds and flu, which are very common this time of year. It is a safe and gentle therapy that can modify a patient’s illness and shorten its duration and/or intensity.

Biopuncture requires a special training process for physicians who wish to offer this technique. During a typical biopuncture treatment, patients are injected with natural, FDA-regulated homeopathic products that stimulate the immune system to promote and regulate natural healing.

Depending on the condition, every biopuncture treatment is customized for each patient individually. Biopuncture features micro-doses of natural substances. Most of the products are made in Germany and all have very strict quality control regulations.

About South Jersey Holistic

South Jersey Holistic, utilizing a Functional Medicine practice, aims to address the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. Dr. Polina Karmazin uses well-proven and safe modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture and biopuncture. Contact her office for an appointment or consultation at 856-528-2258. Located at 2309 Evesham Rd, Ste 100 Voorhees, NJ 08043



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